Date : 01.03.2021

Time : 10 .00 am to 5.00 pm

Venue : Meditation Hall

Topic : Introducing Modernized Device for General Health Checkup.


  • Mrs.Rajkumari Ramasubramaniayan [ED]
  • Mr.K.S.P.Janarthanan Babu [DP]
  • Mr.K.Pitchaivel [SSW]
  • Mrs.A.Nallammal [SSW]
  • Mr.C.Muniyasamy [SW]
  • Ms.K.Pramila Devi [SW]
  • Ms.T.Archana Devi [SW]
  • Mr.Kanagaraj[ SN]
  • Ms.Rathika [SN]
  • Ms.Karthiga Devi [SN]
  • Mrs.Shanmugapriya [Care taker]
  • Mr.Guru [Care taker]
  • Ms.Keerthana [Trainee]
  • Ms.Thenmozhi [Trainee]
  • Mr.Surjith [Trainee]
  • Psychopathology certificate course trainees from M.S.Chellamuthu institute
  • Supportive staff and Residents [Responsible categories]

Welcome Address:-

Mr.K.S.P.Janarthanan Babu introduced staff and residents to chief guest and he heartily welcoming the chief guests-Dr.Rangashri Kishore, Dr.Sathya Narayanan, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Aravindrajan and ED madam.

Importance of this Programme:

  • This programme is conducted for introducing the device SCANBO which helps to basic human health checkup like blood pressure, ECG, Sugar, Pulse, Spo2.
  • This device was sponsored by Dr.Rangashri Kishore as memorial of her brother Mr.Malur Aji Srivatsa who was stayed in Bodhi for his treatment.
  • Mr.Babu sir was given overall orientation about M.S.Chellamuthu trust and research foundation through PPT.
  • It’s all about what they done for past years through Bodhi, Vriksha, shristi, Trishul and other homes. Like how these homes are all functioning, how they developing programs for mentally ill people, how to sales the projects which is made by those people.
  • He shows glance of activities about Aakash special school, between the conversations he said, nowadays people have much awareness about mental health issues but they need more and more.
  • According to M.S.Chellamuthu trust they give lots of activities for residents to make them engaged.
  • Family members are facing lots of struggles because of their mentally ill relative or sibling or daughter or son. This society is not accepting the person who is not able to mingle with them, so they automatically blaming the person who affected and his family.
  • So the family sends out the mental ill people to street. M.S.Chellamuthu trust wants to help those people who really affected. So they started the homeless project in five places.
  • He shows some of beneficiaries through this project. Ex: Mr. Ramanathan [Pharmacy] and Mr.Bharathi.
  • And finally he shows some award owning photos of the founder Dr.CRS for his Services. Behind these awards they overcome the lots of struggles and problems.

Chief Guest’s Speech:

  • Dr.Rangashri madam was emotionally thanks to the staff and the trusts that are all take care of her brother.
  • She has one request to Babu Sir like make a banner for his brother on his birthday to remember him.
  • And she sponsors the three medicine kits which are worth of nearly 1 lakh.
  • She emotionally sharing the memories about his brother.
  • She was given those kits to ED Madam.

Srivatsa M.A. Memorial Trust for Mental Health

The Morning session was end up in 12.30 pm.


  • Mr.Aravind rajan was briefly describe about that SCANBO device and tested to ED madam. And he gives training to the people who are the staff participated in this programme.
  • Srivatsa M.A. Memorial Trust for Mental Health
  • Srivatsa M.A. Memorial Trust for Mental Health

Functioning Of SCANBO:

  • First we should install the app SCANBO in smart phone.
  • Then we connect the device with phone. Then only the device will activate. The device has one on button.
  • We should press the button 3 seconds continuously.
  • And open the app in smart phone we register the name of the person who we want check up.
  • So we had a symbol in top of the mobile for connectivity verification.
  • They had a five slide on their app for Blood pressure, Pulse, ECG, Temperature, SPO2 and Blood Glucose.

Blood Pressure:

  • If we want to check the blood pressure, attach the device with BP cuff and attached with the hand and press the start button.
  • So it will automatically show the blood pressure in smart phone.


  • If we want to check the ECG, hold the device in left hand with three fingers.
  • Two fingers are under the device, thumbs should be on the device.
  • Again right hand, index finger and thumbs hold the right side of the device.
  • So we put the hands in laps and sitting comfortably and press the start button.
  • So again take some seconds and the result will be displayed in smart phone.


  • We took the device near to forehead and press the start button in smart phone.
  • It’s taking some more seconds and displayed the results in smart phone.

Blood Sugar:

  • If we want to check the blood sugar, we need some more tools.
  • It is also attached with the device box.
  • We took the needle from this box and attach with the tool which is specifically give for it.
  • They give some term word to use this tool (PST -Prick start touch).
  • Next we attach the glucose strip with device and put the blood on it. Before that we should press the start button.
  • This one check up only differs from others. Because other tests we hold the device first.
  • Next we press the start button.
  • But blood sugar test we press the start button first. Next only we put the blood on it.
  • As usual the smart phone screen displays the result.

Pulse and SPO2:

  • We put the device on the table.
  • Relaxing and make comfortable ourselves, put the right hand on the device.
  • The middle finger should be touched the middle of the device.
  • Then press the start button.
  • It automatically displayed the results on smart phone screen.


  • This device is low weight and too small.
  • So we can carry this device everywhere.
  • This overall test takes only minimum time.
  • We can complete these tests within 15 minutes using this device.
  • So it saves the time of people especially for nurses.
  • We can get and share the results within seconds through smart phones and E-Mails.
  • This device is easy to handle.


  • If we want to use this device, we should have a smart phone and internet connection.
  • Finally, four people are well trained by Mr.Aravind rajan to handle this device. We will soon practice this device in field.

Reported by

Ms.T.Archana devi,

Social Worker,

Bodhi unit.

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